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I am in charge of making mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving (among other things).  I am making them for 11 people.  How many potatoes should I use??  I am clueless!!!   Also, how do you make your mashed tots?  What do you add to make them oh-so-yummy?  No food allergies, so anything goes!   TIA!!!
I have such a hard time staying motivated to exercise.  Arggg....   What keeps you going??  How do you stay motivated??    Inspire me!!  (Please!)
I agree!  I love doing the stockings!    I am madly working on my ds's sweater.  I have finished two of three knit hats for niece/nephews.  I made them in different colors, same yarn brand, so they sort of coordinate.  I have to get busy with my crafting for the winter holiday I'm doing with a friend.  So much crafting...so little time!!!!!!   Peace ~    
  Oh, yes, I agree!  I smelled it when I was out for my walk today.  Someone had a fire going and with fallen leaves crunching under my feet and that smell in the air, I thought, "Fall in here!"  and I love it!
What items do you like to keep stocked in your pantry??    I like to have on hand: -- onions and garlic --beans (white, black, and pinto) and rice (brown and white basmati or jasmine) --chicken broth or stock --whole peeled tomatoes --flour (whole wheat, unbleached, and bread) and baking supplies   Other items come and go, but those are my main staples.       
Really?  Gas ovens leak toxins into the home??  That is scary!  I was all set to go for gas over electric, but that causes me to worry!!     
ahhhh...we have a cord of hardwood stacked in our woodshed and we have another smaller stack behind the shed.  Winter?  Bring it on!!  We're ready!!!    We use only about a cord a winter -- winter's aren't too cold here in western Washington compared to where I grew up in the mid-west.  It's all relative, I suppose.  We have a wood stove that heats our main living area.   How many cords a year do you go through??  Sounds like a whole lot!    --edited for typo
We currently have an electric oven and cooktop.  We are looking to get a gas cooktop, with an oven (all in one unit).  At the store, the salesperson asked us if we wanted a gas or electric oven with it.  Well, we just don't know!  Gas is cheaper.   What's better - a gas or electric oven??  Or what are the trade-offs??  If you have a gas oven-- what do you like/dislike about it?  Any input is most appreciated!!   Peace ~~
I would love to see this recipe as well!!    
Wow, thanks for all the great feedback.  Out of curiosity, I called our local butcher and local, free-range birds go for between $20 and $25.  I think I will seek out other local sources.   And, I didn't feel good about serving the regular chicken yesterday.  Lesson learned.  For as often as I buy a whole chicken, which is hardly ever, it will be worth the extra money to buy it without the hormones, etc.   Peace ~~
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