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Well, that is hopeful for the rest of us that a homeopathic worked so well.  I would be beyond joy to be relaxed!!  Do you mind if I ask what remedy you used??    
I am not techincally advanced enough to post pics...but I will tell you what I do.  I make a circle of fabric cut with pinking shears.  I place it over the jar and place a rubber band around.  Then I add yarn, jute, or hemp string depending on what looks good.  I cut pieces of funky paper and write the contents and date on them, hole punch them, and place the yarn through.  I bet you've seem jars done this way??    
Same with me.  This is a relatively new fear.  I've flown forever, and don't know why I'm scared now...sigh...    
I make jams and jellies all summer long when different fruits are in season and decorate the jars really nicely.  It's so fun when the holidays come and I can just pull the jars off my shelves and give them away as gifts.    
I am afraid to fly in an airplane, even though I flew for 40 hours last year.  My fear doesn't stop me.  However, I am a wreck in the air.  I can't even read or knit, I am so preoccupied that something will go wrong.   Does anyone have any advice for lessening my fear of flying?  I have a 5 hour flight coming up next month, and would like to have a better experience than I normally do.   TIA and peace
Well thank you so much.  I bought the pear juice and will make the jelly tomorrow morning.  I'm excited.  I haven't made jelly since I made a cranberry one last fall!
Okay, I'm not going to be much help with recipes,  I just wanted to say I'm jealous that you harvested a squash in May!  Wow!
Does this help?  http://www.montereybayaquarium.org/cr/cr_seafoodwatch/sfw_health.aspx
I have a recipe for pear jelly that uses bottled pear juice.  I found an organic, 100% pear juice, but it has absorbic acid added to it to preserve the color.  Will this interfere at all with the jelly's set??  I don't know!!!!!!!  Thanks!
I am so inspired by your responses.  I will definitely need to play around with my recipe using the ideas posted here.   Thank you!!! 
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