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In my experience, not unusual at all! All my kids first 2 teeth came through about 6 months, and no more until 9 or 10 months (my first didn't cut any more until she was over 1). Youngest dd is 11 months and she has 5 just starting to come in (her first 2 came in at 6 months).
great job!
my car was hit while parked recently....I didn't even think about the car seats! interested to hear any commentary...maybe I should replace mine?
I have to put "shoes" on to keep the socks on...we have some cute Robeez. Otherwise, she just pulls the socks right off!
love all the pics--we've got some super cuties, don't we ?! Emmie Jo was born on Jan 4. She is still "army crawling" everywhere, though now she does take one or two "steps" on her knees before splatting to her belly. Just starting to try grabbing things to pull up on, but hasn't actually pulled up to her feet yet. She is very cautious, and she also has older sisters and mama to rescue her from everything! She babbles, mostly says da da, meows like a cat. She is one...
she'd forward facing...sorry I forgot to add that vital piece of info!
Any recommendations for a car seat for a second car...my dd just turned 3, is about 34-35lbs and 38 inches tall (very average ). She has a marathon in our main vehicle...but I'm hoping to find something less $$$$ but just as safe for my dh's truck. It's been a while since I've had to think about seats, so I have no idea what's out there. I know the cosco scerena is highly recommended--and I guess my dd won't outgrow it too soon...and the next kiddo can always use it...
I try not to wake my lo if she is napping. Luckily her schedule has meshed ok with all our commitments. If I were you, I would try to keep her awake until you left for your walk...maybe she would get a little more sleep that way? Juggling all the families needs can be tough! I have always held the afternoon nap in high regard, since my oldest was a toddler. It has always been important for my sanity . So if my 9 month old doesn't get a great morning nap, at least...
my youngest does the same thing, rarely napping more than 45 min- 1 hour. She is 9 months and takes 2 naps a day. I tried for some time to get her to nap longer, but just had to give up and go with the short naps. I was spending too much time trying to get her to sleep and it was stressing me out! My just turned 3 year old still has to have a nap, she sleeps in the afternoon for 2 hours. My youngest doesn't have defined nap times, but takes the 2 naps a day. It's...
Once my babes have gotten to the "oh that's totally gross" poop, I drop what I can into the toilet, then rinse the diaper. It helps with stains and smells to rinse right away. Then I toss in the pail. Usually once they get to that stage they are only going 1x a day (or less if you're lucky!) Little babies (say up to 7 or 8 months) just go in the pail and rinse before washing.
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