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Marry me.    I'm a total anarchist "the man is keeping us down" type so let it all out! You're in good company.   
That's why it's right up my alley- I'm very sexual. I may be Mormon but I'm not vanilla. I didn't get 5 kids in 6 years by laying back and thinking of Zion.    Honestly I kind of don't get how someone couldn't relate sex with spirituality. Sacred Sex, the Great Rite... Yet another way we have been robbed of our divinity and power to separate sex from spirituality and say it is unholy. Gah! One of the greatest disservices. 
Oh my gosh this book sounds right up my alley! So excited! And all the similar picks are singing to me, too. 
It really is! Off to google Aphrodite's Daughters...
You caught me before I edited, Pan. ;)   Thomas Moore the saint?
Yes, I agree. I also find that that darkness can be healing in and of itself. The whole idea that there is benefits to both the light and the dark. Francesca DeGrandis has an exercise in one of those 2 books I mentioned where you sit in the dark and have a bitchfest. I can't remember what it was called though... When we are alone, or when we think we are alone, it can be such a miserable place but it's also a place where we can be completely honest with ourselves and our...
Hugs to you, blue. I've been there.    It's hard to remember this when you're in it but I do agree with Pan on this. Sometimes we need a time out and so we get it. And not in the "you've been bad, go sit in the corner" sort of way.   
Done! All I need to do is print it.
I started putting my book together this morning and it just came so easily. I had to pry myself away to clean my house and feed my kids. Pft! ;)
  Pinterest looks kind of like Tumblr. Love Tumblr! I've collected some things from there for TM as well. 
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