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Thanks! :)
So I am really sucking at this. I have yet to even start. I went ahead and typed up a basic plan for the whole thing. I am going to print it and place it on my fridge and really get to it.    I need to remember that I have no energy, constant stomach aches and headaches, mood swings, and my knees are killing me. Not good at all. :(
I'm sorry but no one has insulted your holy scripture or deepest held beliefs in the way you have others. Saying things like "I can't believe anyone would let their daughter read this" and talking about how you keep the Bible locked away because it may "mess with their heads" is pretty offensive as it suggests you equate allowing children to read/learn from the Bible with an abuse.     
Ohhh, I like that one! Tucking it away for use.    *snort* Your DD is pretty awesome.      We get "are they really twins?" and then suspicious looks because one is very fair skinned with blond hair and blue eyes and the other is darker in complexion. And a lot of the time they don't believe us like we're going to lie about it. But I always love the whole "are they identical?". Urm, do they look identical? I really don't think people know what identical means.   
Basically what you are saying is a teen mom is automatically a bad mom and a mom who has children by different fathers is the same. You even go as far as to say they aren't deserving of children. Oh and the whole graduating from high school thing because apparently having a high school diploma helps one to be a good parent. Wowza. This makes me wonder who is deserving of children then. What are the qualifications?        But what you are describing here doesn't in and of...
What waiting said. 
This is true too. The road does go both ways. Don't assume the larger family has a greater footprint than the smaller and visa vera. Again with the variables. This just isn't simple enough issue to resort to generlizations.    CC~ I apologize if I was appearing to get on smaller families cases. That wasn't what I meant at all. :(
But it's not basic addition and I think that's what the problem is with this. We are assuming "1" = 1 and "3" = 3. It does seem that 1 child is more environmentally friendly than 3 but if that 1 child consumes more than those 3 children combined than that's not the case. It's not as simple as 1 is less than 3. If that "1" amounts to 75 and that "3" amounts to 20 x 3 equalling 60 going off of 1 < 3 doesn't exactly work. The thing is each number doesn't always equal to the...
Larger families are generally forced to live more simply. And throw in it being a religious large family and some subscribe to that level of simplicity because they feel it brings them closer to God. Not all of us religious folks are about looking to the heavens and forgetting the ground beneath our feet. Some of us do hold to being stewards, caretakers, of this Earth. 
There were. For a few decades there oral sex was out of the question. It was one of the questions in the temple recommend interview "do you have oral sex?". Yeah. And sodomy is pretty much an unspoken no-no. BDSM is the same. Also no cursing. But it's so hard to know what is doctrine and what is LDS culture. The oral sex thing was obviously considered doctrine to the church at one time. 
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