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Shared on my Facebook wall!  
Gardening and using the seeds the following year, using the clothesline are two that we do and love!  
Thank you!  Much appreciated.
We are looking at a possible move to N. VA so I am looking into Christian midwives in the area. :)   Thanks for any help.   Maria
We are starting with this method this school year and are very excited! We have used Abeka up to this point. Just interested in "meeting" other moms out there doing the same thing so I can get advice and support. Thanks! Maria in AZ
Hi everyone! Just found you all this morning and am excited to be here. I am a homeschooling, SAHM of seven dc. I have only been CDing a short time but am loving it! I sure wish I would have been turned on to it with my first child. I already discovered that there are at least two other moms on here from SE AZ. I sent you two PMs. Hope to get together with you soon! Maria in AZ
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