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A friend of mine was taken to federal jail on friday over a non criminalized action, all because she tried to run away from her abusive boyfriend, we have started a petition here [URL="if you could please go here and sign this petition, Share it whatever it takes...
I am also interested in oil pulling does anyone have any advice?
hey does anyone here blog? I'm not on here as much anymore (I feel like a lot has gone downhill) but I would still love to hear about whats going on with you all. not sure if were allowed to post our blog in a thread (one of the reasons i'm not a fan of mothering right now) but mine is in my profile.
Here in CO you only need 2 classes to become and assistant preschool teacher and 4 classes to become a lead teacher, so I would check the laws in your state before going back for a full degree
  The local stores get there toys shipped to them as well so it is the same environmental foortprint    
I totally understand, it seems like everyone around me is having babies, people i went to high school with are popping them out left and right. but I know its not my time just yet. as much as I want one there are so many things i still need to do before that I will have a hard time doing with a baby   
its actually for my mom she lost hers in the airport
looking for a non smart phone verizon cell phone that can be used with a plan. 
I would look into going to school full time and maybe working part time (work study through the school) i would start by contacting the schools you would like to go to and talking to and admission and financial aid councillor and finding out what is available for single moms, you also can usually get some state help if you are going to school full time . something to think about 2 yr community colleges are cheaper to get your pre recs from and then you can transfer to a...
I know that Birthwise has a distance course and they get financial aid. 
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