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I am looking to trade a lot of older dd's clothes in order to get clothes for my younger (age 4) ds. Any suggestions of the best place to do this in Eugene/Springfield? Thanks!
Greg Hunt is a lawyer who specializes in adoption. I only used him to do a readoption of dd's international adoption, but it was a very pleasant experience and I have head good things from others. He is an adoptive parent as well. Leita Dzubay is dd's pediatrician. I really like her...she is very respectful and I think she would meet all of your criteria.
WONDERFUL news!!!! Congratulations!
4 yr old ds moved in about 2 weeks ago. Don't know if I ever mentioned that I already have a 7 yr old dd that I adopted internationally as a baby. Everyone is doing great. So, I guess I now fall under the waiting for finalization category, although that will take at least 6 mos and I'm tired of thinking of myself as waiting for something. Now that ds is here, I am trying to enjoy things as they are!
Quote: Originally Posted by sagewinna When will he be placed with you ? I will have my first visit with him in his foster home this coming Wed. My understanding (have been playing phone tag with his worker, so the communication has been through voice mail) is that there will be some seeing how it goes, but he should be moved in a week from Wed.
Quote: Originally Posted by sagewinna Congratulations, Armom!! I will be thinking about you. Thanks!
I have been chosen to adopt a 4.5 year old boy from my state's foster care system! I am so excited! I have so much to do!
Quote: Originally Posted by Smithie ! Armom: I'm sure there are merits to every method, but my state selects a "first-choice" family and THEN makes contact with the good news and does a presentation to that family only. If that family declines the placement based on info given in the presentation (which I don't think is a rare occurrence, the presentations are apparently brutally honest), THEN they call in the next-choice family and do it all over again....
I am one of three families selected as "finalists" for a little boy from my state's foster care system. They will be selecting "the" family by mid-week next week. This is just nerve wracking! I really don't know the best way to deal with this. If I am selected, things will happen very quickly. If not, well....then not.
I think there are so many different explanations/understandings/reasons for what you are seeing, and there is no way for you to know which of the possibilities are true. I agree there are some statements you make (about the positives you see in this child) that would make me wonder about attachment difficulties, that on the other hand it hasn't been long in terms of attachment, and the list could go on and on. I am wondering if what would be best would be for you to...
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