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I would try: 2 frozen bananas 1 avocado 2 T cocoa powder 1 T honey 1/2 tsp vanilla and coconut milk to desired thickness. Should come out somewhat like a chocolate shake.
For instances like this, it is best to keep bentonite clay and vitamin C on hand to help mitigate any reactions. It will not completely negate effects but it may help to reduce the reaction's severity and length.
I believe vitamin C may help with the seasonal allergies a little for the week prior to the appt. Just make sure to take her off of it 24 hours prior to the appt. I cannot help with a dosage though. Also, there is a cross reactivity between apples and I *believe* it's birch pollen? I don't have my booklet in front of me to check though. My first thought was also OAS but I wouldn't want to miss a possible worse reaction, esp considering she's on allergy meds.
I am still nursing. Most of the ladies from the chat thread mix the clay into a glass of water. Based on what I've "seen" them do, I would start with 1/4tsp/day mixed into a glass of water for the clay. And I would probably go with 1g of vitamin C at least 4 times a day. I'll try to alert PB and tanya to this thread to see if they have better suggestions.  
I remember all of that happening and how upset you were. My best advice is: Clay, vitamin C, clay, vitamin C, clay, vitamin C! Yes, some will get into your nursling, however, much of it will be "caught" by the clay. If you can manage it, give the babe some clay as well.  
You certainly are not alone! 2 months already?! Congrats!! CS is also struggling with restrictions for her new little one. Many of us are on FB. PM me if you want to add me as a friend there. :) But yes, please do tell, what's going on?
If you ever choose to do the scope to rule out an EGID, please please please I beg of you, do extensive research before hand. There have been far too many children who have had to be re-scoped simple because the doctor doing the scope/biopsies didn't have enough information. Unfortunately, these are disorders where the parents MUST be exceptionally informed and incredibly stubborn on the course of treatment and testing in order to make up for the ignorance of the vast...
Unfortunately, one of the side effects for asthma treatment in children can be erratic behaviour, including angry outbursts. I don't think that striking your child will do anything in the long term to help him to control this behaviour while on medication. I would suggest taking him to a holistic health practitioner who may help you identify potential underlying causes for his asthma.
how scary! *hug* this sounds like an IgE mediated response to me. I would seek an allergist's advice with the information you have. It is possible, from your description, that this response is anaphylactic and may require an epi-pen. was there sesame in the hummus? I understand it is moving up the ranks of top allergens but that is not to say, of course, that this was definitively the culprit. I hope you find the answers you need.
You could probably use a thin coat of white glue instead... It dries clear.
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