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So I've been analyzing my bagua in each room... and guess what? (Not surprising to me but...) The majority of my clutter occurs in each area of self-knowledge. Sheesh and double sheesh!
Somehow it seems less "scary" to me to say that it was the measurable particles emitting radiation rather than (equally) measurable radiation. I know it's silly but struth.
Since we're nit-picking... Radioactive particles from Japan have been found. Not radiation. Do the particles give off radiation? I'm sure they do. But the amounts they have been found in so far are miniscule, to my understanding.
Osaka is less than 400 miles from Fukushima. The majority of the radiation, in the event of a cataclysmic event, would fall within about an 800 mile radius from what I understand, based on Chornobyl.
Is anyone relying on topical iodine?
Yes, Iodoral is good.
This should calm some of you: http://www.radiationnetwork.com/   Although I understand and mostly agree with what you're saying, Chamomile Girl, you cannot fault people for being concerned for their families first. I think everyone has Chornobyl very heavy on their minds these days, and how the fallout from that disaster was all over Europe within days. Yes, of course Japan should be the highest priority. However, I think just like any situation which is a...
My DH sees improvement while taking a vitamin D supplement. He sees further improvement by going gluten free. Of course, he doesn't actually *do* either of those anymore, but that's probably why his psoriasis is back in full force.
Huh. Your response gave me an idea, Tracy. :)
Just want to point out that "cleaning house" for some may not necessarily be physical (even though their physical house may need it as well). Concentrate on what you can manage to clear out between now and then. No beating yourself up with shoulda, coulda, wouldas when TM time comes.   (I know that I need to hear this right now, so I'm saying it for anyone else who may need to as well. )
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