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Very nice job! I vote tiles, though I understand wallpaper or paint is less expensive.
It says content not found for me, ctrygirlatheart.
Gluten Free Girl just started experimenting with gum free cooking, I believe, on her blog.
Has anyone tried it? I just found out the spaghetti is incredibly inexpensive ($1.50/pound) on Amazon.   eta: although you have to buy 24 pounds... that's not a problem in our house though.
Thank you, Drummer's Wife, that is useful information. :) Does anyone know if Safeway or Fred Meyer's has a similar card as the closest Walmart is over an hour away.
Money orders won't work. I am not going to get into it, except to say that they won't. I have weighed all of my options and this is the only one I can see working.
Long story short, I have unpaid hospital/medical bills which need to be paid. I am concerned that they will somehow get the bank to do PAPs (without authorization) if we pay them with the CC connected to our banking accounts or with a cheque (they have done so before). So, I am looking at rechargeable (or not) cc's for paying down these bills. I was wondering if anyone has any experience paying down debt this way and, if so, do you have a recommendation as to which...
I understand all. too. well. I try very hard not to post articles with a "slant" but every article these days seems to have one so it's rather difficult. Everything in moderation (and with a grain of salt). I promise to contain myself.
Karen, Despite my best intentions for the day, I ended up on your FB page just now... I am now getting off of FB (again) and have decided that I'm not "allowed" to post there (despite my apparent addiction... *tremble tremble*)... So, I will post here and hope that you read it... I am so sorry you are unwell and hurting. I hope that you feel better soon and that this most painful time passes as you need it to do, whether that is fast or slow, loudly or quietly.....
New Posts  All Forums: