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for some reason, the cursor moved to the top of the page and i can't make it move back.. it says it's at the bottom but its typing at the top.so other than it being incredibly busy out today, i had a decent day (once you get past the argument with dh in Costco and the political/sociological argument in the car on the way home :\ ). looking forward to sleep though as i stayed up WAY too late (3am) at which point ds3 woke up and decided he'd stay up til 5ish.. then got up...
Betacarotene conversion issues  with hypo, yes. City day and staying off FB for the day.   eta: oh yeah, so i was installing skype yesterday and asked dh if i could use it on my computer.. he was like "probably, but you might have to decrease your tabs from 600 to 100 or so" :bag It's all biochem, homeschooling, allergies and recipes...
My guess about D would be bone-building, CS? It needs to be activated to tell the body to buiold bone, right? And that "uses it up"?
counselling tomorrow morning. can't make conference call. tired an d nak. cs and deditus- sorry about reactions. hoping for answers.
Day 2 in a row of feeling stressed for no reason. Guess I should start supps again maybe? Still wondering if it's not the 2 "overwhelming" tasks at the top of my "to do" list though... blah  
Was beginning to think my 18mo was the only one beating up older siblings. :hugs DevaMajka. First thing that pops into my head for DP is vitamin D. I concur with Shannon(?) that he's probably concerned with losing his creativity. That was a huge concern of mine. And I did for a while, but that had less to do with losing the depression than with having no energy from the thyroid problems... Interestingly, I'm an Aries with libido issues myself... I'm finding that...
My heart flip-flopped when you said you were moving to Edmonton, CS! :p Don't do that to me!
for good answers, CS!! I seem to remember a similar reaction by DH's friends when I posted re: the carseat incident, Kathy. I've come to realize that people tend to be more upset when they realize they've been being unreasonable and that they have now been outed to everyone as acting that way. Unfortunately, the reaction tends to be to become even more unreasonable. So! DS1 apologized to his best friend (whose big brother was the one who had supposedly...
Ok, so I haven't been here in days and days. I tried catching up both yesterday and they day before but now I"m saying forget it and going to just try to keep up from here on out. *hugs* to everyone needing them. We're doing okay. Stressed about some life stuff but what's new? That's life, right?
Only skimmed and only replying about herbs. Sorry if I missed anything important (I'm sure I probably did. Double sorry). If you can't get them south-facing, next best is east. The rising sun is better than the setting sun for some reason.
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