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Face plants south.
Speaking of the Twin Cities... You guys know Wugmama's in the Twin Cities, right?
omgoodness, deditus. Glad you had someone driving behind you to check on you and glad you ended up okay but how terribly scary! to all
Actually, with the exception of wheat-free tamari, all soy sauce has wheat in it as an ingredient, not just in the hidden form of caramel colour.   And I realized today that there are certain words of mine which are becoming Americanized. There are several words which should have Us in them (ie senior) to spell them properly the Canadian/British way, but the U now seems out of place to me. Ahh!! Feeling a bit better this morning. DH got up at 7am to let me take a bath...
Generally speaking, there's less info on hyper than hypo, though I'm not sure about Brownstein's book, having not read it. The herbal looks interesting... Makes me consider buying it for my sister, who has Graves'. And it sounds, from meds, like hyper rather than hypo. There is a nutritional protocol on ithyroid for both.        
Very glad you're feeling better and making awesome food again, Kathy.
Happy New Year!
Being I am nearly 200 lbs and my family background of alcoholism, my answers on how much it takes to feel tipsy is probably weighted (no pun intended)... It takes me about 3-4 drinks in an hour to feel tipsy. I generally don't drink more than one in a night, however, and only recently have I had more than one drink in a week time span (never mind the one night where I accidentally ingested enough to feel tipsy) excepting when DS1 was very young and I was still somewhat...
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