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Stop the Thyroid Madness is more prescribed  medicine based. ithyroid.com offers some nutritional suggestions. No ideas for books though. Very tired. And tehre's my beeper
Is it strange that 1/3 or more of my open tabs/windows are recipes?
Sorry you're not well. Hope you're feeling better quickly. And yes, I agree. Red dye IS evil... That's the one that, when DS1 ate it when he was little, caused him to think he could fly, throw himself down stairs, and attempt to jump off a 3rd story balcony. Fun times. (not)
I'm pretty sure the SPAM I got the one time also had potato starch in it.   Thanks for the heads up on the door alarms! Found them on Amazon, thanks to you. :) Went to this local-ish craft shop today. (It's the next town over, where I go for counselling, but it's owned by a local from the town.) They had some cute flannel. It's so difficult to find good cloth! Where'd it all go? Silly mass production of clothing destroying access to cloth. Grocery shopping is every...
No, I meant "go in" like "get things out of" no actually physically climb into. We've already tried "grounding" him from computer privileges. I wonder if there's a door alarm thing that'll go off as long as the door's open... I'm not certain where our keys are. I could do that too.     Yay for corn derivatives for Kathy! Boo for reactions for Shannon and J.
My gran knew a couple whose child froze to death because he accidentally fell into the freezer and it had a shelf above it that kept it from staying open. She'd always make sure that I had my winter coat on before asking me to get anything and would set an egg timer for 10 minutes. Resultingly, it's kind of a phobia of mine. I'm not as paranoid about it as my gran was but DS1 isn't allowed to go in the freezer if I'm not awake and he's not allowed access to the freezer...
That's an excellent idea! Thanks!
Ideas to get DS1 to *actually* close the deep freeze door after getting something out would be greatly appreciated.
Yeah, DH came with some bad habits from which I've been trying to break us. Unfortunately, I fell into them to a degree when we moved in together. On the upside, he now drinks something besides coffee, beer and soda. Water even! Imagine that! (Seriously, MIL nearly had a heart attack when she saw him drinking a glass of water. "What are you drinking?! Water? REALLY?!" *looks at me with big round eyes and mouths 'how'd you do that?!'*)
Hum. Accidentally bought Diet soda. Didn't realize til I opened and started drinking one. Yuck. Chemical after taste.
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