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I got the living/dining room caught up and have most of DS1's room "fixed". I still need to get my kitchen somewhat decent. I need organizing stuff though... containers and whatnot. Not entirely sure what yet, but I know I need SOMEthing. Tired, just had lunch. Want to finish our climb through Mount Lego. Did I mention that DS2 loves his costume trunk (even if it's mostly just hats)? And they've been playing with their play kitchen much more now as well. :) And DS1 is...
Yay for passed trials, even if it's "only" quinoa! I'm awake. I'm hoping to get more done today, but I'm bordering on "not likely". My bed looks too lovely.
For those not on FB, just a quick post to say been busy irl. Sorry to those ill. Wishing you all well. Hoping the next 10 weeks or so fly by, Sandrine. SIL couldn't make it for supper. Boo
Like many others, I'm not feeling well. Thanks for the kind words to counter BILs. People can just be so clueless. Hoping for something easier than eggs, CS. Hoping everyone who sick or reacting recovers quickly.
Ginger tea, Jessica? Thyme tea for a suppressant (night time, for resting), marjoram for an expectorant. Ginger will help somewhat if it's becoming an infection, but also has expectorant properties, I believe. Sandrine... All I can say is OUCH and I hope that you're feeling better soon. Everyone else who's not well, I wish you well soon.
Thanks to stockings and Santa, we slept til 9. Just about to get dressed and out the door again, this time to see SIL and her LOs. Merry Christmas.
Oh everything is definitely not going wrong here (though I'm sorry it seems to be for you, Shannon). It's just upsetting to have him say that my cornbread sucks, basically.
BIL just tasted my cornbread and declared it "unlike any cornbread I've ever eaten" and said "it's missing that cornmeal flavour". Awesome.
CS Hope that couple gets their turkey. Cornbread turned out okay. Missed an ingredient (though nothing major) and thinking I might increase xanthan by 1/4 teaspoon to increase structure.
I'm tentatively saying we have a fail. DS1 is complaining that his throat hurts and he's nauseated. I'm not sure if I should hope he's sick or just call it a fail... If it's illness, it's timing couldn't be worse.
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