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Holy guacamole.  An adult dose of Tdap in a newborn?      
Yes---and make sure to get the package insert with the lot number on it, just in case you need to report a reaction.  I know many parents also ask that the vaccines be drawn up in front of them as an added safety measure to make sure the right vaccines are being given.  (Often the nurse will come in with syringes of vaccine already drawn up; you would need to ask about this ahead of time.)      
Yes, this, exactly.  I feel very confident in our choice to not vaccinate at this point, but if our life circumstances changed, I think we would probably do some vaccines.   
Congratulations!!!  What a beautiful, sweet, little chubby face!  I hope you are enjoying every moment of being with her.  
Actually, it's more like seven vaccines (or eight, if the Hep B is given at two months) given in a variety of combinations.  DTaP (diptheria, tetanus, acelluar pertussis) is three vaccines in one dose.     Trust your instincts, mamas!  Read everything you can get your hands on and know that you can *always* decide to do it later.  I vaccinated against my instincts with my first and I regret it.      
Nope.   I encourage you to read up on all the diseases and all the vaccines.  I liked this book.  It's not an anti-vax book; Dr. Cave just lays out that history of each disease, the history of each vaccination, and then offers an alternative vaccine schedule at the end.  It's a nice format because each chapter covers a different disease/vaccination, so you don't have to read the whole book to learn about a particular vax.
Yay, mama!!!  Congrats on the VBAC!  I hope you are enjoying every moment of his sweet baby-ness.   
Take the abx!  Sometimes you just need to do that to kick whatever it is that's causing the infection.  I really hope that solves it for you, and that it's the end of breast infections forever!  
We are probably going to do it but we need to get it done soon.  Apparently, they like to do it before six weeks because they're nice and sleepy (apparently the babies need to be asleep to do the test?)  I can't believe they would sedate them, though!  That seems like a dangerous practice----giving drugs to anyone that tiny is a risky proposition!!   
What a sweetie!  Congratulations!  I hope you are resting, healing, and enjoying your babymoon.  
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