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Congratulations!!  Enjoy your babymoon!  
I took vitamin C throughout my pregnancy and especially focused on it during the last 5-6 weeks of pregnancy.  The waters released just before I pushed his head out.  I could feel the bulging bag with my fingers: it was so hard and strong, I was really amazed!  I guess I'd imagined that it would feel more like. . . I don't know, something thin and delicate.  But it felt more like a vinyl waterbed liner.   I did have a very small tear this time, but we didn't even...
Liked Abiie on Facebook!  This would be great as baby #3 is three weeks old and I'm feeling ready to get out and about (and walk off some baby weight).  
I think I got my first period postpartum with DS #1 at about 10 months---exclusively breastfed, but he must have been eating enough solids to let me ovulate.  With DS #2 I think it was closer to a year before I saw AF again.  
Everyone thought I was having a girl, too----like strangers in the grocery store and random people on the street would stop and say, "Oh, that's a girl."  This was our third 'team green' experience and third boy.  When I lifted him out of the water and announced he was a boy I think everyone was surprised!
Mama, I am so sorry.  That is the WORST.  Are you by any chance wearing an underwire nursing bra?  I have found that if I wear an underwire bra at all when I'm lactating that I'm asking for trouble and will get a plugged duct/mastitis in short order.    One thing I have found that really helps me when I do get a breast infection is a shot of apple cider vinegar.  Usually one shot-glass sized dose mixed in water is all I need to clear it up.  So, so sorry you're...
Oh mama, so sorry that you had such a rough time.     Thinking of you and sending speedy recovery vibes and loving energy to you and your sweet baby.   
Wonderful news!!   
Thread-crashing the sore nipple discussion, but has anyone mentioned Soothies?  The gel pads saved my life with my first baby who had a barracuda latch.  (I suspect he sucked so hard because of his difficult birth---vacuum extraction---and things were better after some chiropractic/craniosacral work for him.)   Anyway, gel pads are the best thing ever for really sore (cracked, blistered) nipples! http://www.amazon.com/Lansinoh-65005-Soothies-Gel-Pads/dp/B002KGHUL4
It seems that most often, green poop is a sign that baby isn't getting hindmilk.  However, the mucous makes me think it's probably something you're eating.  I found that with my first if I ate any soy at all he would have mucous-y and sometimes bloody poops.  He also had an angry red rash on his cheeks.  The rash and strange poop seemed to clear up in a few months once I was really careful about avoiding soy, which is really hard to do because they sneak it into...
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