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#1 - induction at 41+4 #2 - came on his own at exactly 41 weeks #3 -?  I'm 41+1 today with *nothing* going on but the stupid prodromal labor at night.   I feel you too, mama.  I wish these babies could read calendars.  
Is there any way you could get in today to get a stretch and sweep done, even if it's with someone you don't usually see?  If you're losing mucus you're probably dilating, so it might really help move things along if you have someone separate the membranes.    I've heard that eating a whole box natural licorice can help produce prostaglandins in addition to causing mild diarrhea which can help kickstart things, but it has to be the natural kind with real licorice in it...
Exactly!  There are plenty of stories of 'surprise' posterior babies that never rotate during labor and labors that aren't any more painful or long than your average OA labor.  Fetal positioning is important, but it's not the be all and end all of labor and birth.   Anyway, most babies do rotate to an OA position before labor begins, or during labor.  I have had success with this technique with a doula client, but it is best used when you are having regular, strong...
Yep.  Technically 'postdates' begins on 42+1.  I like to make a little distinction in my head. . . I call myself 'overdue' because I'm beyond my due date, but I'm not 'postdates' yet.  I'm still well within the range of normal for gestating a human!  I wish our culture understood that a normal pregnancy has a wide range of normal birth times, but our hyper-medicalized society thinks that medical induction is normal (necessary?) for someone who's still healthily cooking a...
Congratulations!!!  I hope you are enjoying your babymoon!  
I'm 41 today and just hanging out.  I always cook them beyond the average of 40 weeks so it's no surprise to me, either.  I think the worst part is just the boredom and being so ready----there's nothing else to do right now but just wait!  I don't especially relish going out in public because of the comments, and being at home all the time without a baby is getting kind of old.  Come on out, babies!!!
Oh, hooray and congratulations!!!  I hope you are having a wonderful babymoon!  
That is so cute!   I loved it, too.  My oldest would point to a calf nursing and exclaim "It's having other!"  Baby and toddler words are so sweet.  
Ugh, mama.  I'm there with you!  ROP baby that refuses to budge.  I too feel like if this baby could figure out an OA position things would get moving.  COME ON, BABIES!
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