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My first dd, now 14, was fully vaxed b/c I didn't know any better back then.  We had mega slow dial up in the middle of nowhere Colorado, and of course everyone bullied me into it.  4 years later, tons of research under my belt, I had another dd, and then 3 more kids every 2 years.  Each child nursed for 2 years, and had NO vaccinations.  DD#1 did need tubes in her ears, but not until just 2 years ago.  Dd#2 also had tubes.  Dd#4 had her tonsils removed due to non stop...
I'd like to just offer a *good luck* to you!
I have *no* advice, sorry, because I have an 8 yr old dd that I'd send to the circus in a heartbeat.  I just wanted to give you a
  I completely agree with this.  There are numerous studies, showing how the teenage brain is not fully devEloped, that they canNOT make appropriate decisions at times.  And this could be the MOST important decision of her life so far; whether to go all the way with a boy that has NO business with her anyhow.  I really wouldn't let my dd (14 in 9th grade) even be in the position to have to make this type of decision.  They just aren't capable.  And yeah , here's the big...
Fantastic birth, AJ. It was the peace I felt with my first home birth that led me to have 2 more. Congrats!!!
congrats, my friend
: May the Lord grant you the peace to get through this. I'm so sorry for your loss and pain
I think there's a time and place for most things, including nudity.
My first DD is fully loaded, only because the internet had *just* come out and I didn't know how to research. I just took my ped's word and did it. By dd #2, I knew more, and was very selective. I stopped vaxxing her though when she was 2, and my other 3 haven't had a single shot.
I use infant prefolds as stuffers, and I put a wool soaker on over the whole thing.
New Posts  All Forums: