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Hi mamas,   We live in the Mashpee/Falmouth area and were out tonight cruising neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights people have put up. Does anyone know of any good neighborhoods to take the kids to? My 3yr old was yelling "lights! lights!" as if it was the first time she'd seen electricity lol. Thanks!   Ann
Quote: Originally Posted by railyuh bumping up this thread since I didn't see it before--we are in Sandwich but on the Mashpee end of things and go to the Mashpee Library. I also have a 4 year old son (and a 1 year old dd). We moved here this summer and would love to meet some other moms in the area. Would either of you be up for meeting up sometime? Sorry, I haven't been on here in a while. I'm always up for a walk or the park. pm me.
I second Cape Cod Peds. We go there and have had no issues.
The name of the farm is Hawk Wing Farm and it's in Yarmouthport. They do apple picking from September to October! They have a website but it's not up to date. They do have a Facebook page though so I'm hoping to get more info on there.
They do PYO but no apples.
There was a farm stand across from the Mashpee library and the gentleman told me the name of his farm. He told me they do apple picking in the fall. Of course now I can't remember the name of the farm. I think it was in Dennis or South Yarmouth? Does anyone know what it might be? Thanks!
We're going to be there but on Sunday. Have fun!
Last year my dh got comp tickets on ebay. You can always try there.
I love my Diva cup. I used to use tampons before I had my kids. Couldn't stand them after I had my first dd and all of my kids were c-sections. Go figure! lol But I love my Diva Cup and recommend it to everyone. When it's time to replace it I will get another one.
Every day. I don't wash my hair everyday but I shower everyday. I'm overweight, chasing three kids in the humidity at the beach, park, wherever. If I can smell me I shower lol. Now hair washing I do about 2 times a week. It depends on the week and if we've been swimming. Or I should say I try to shower everyday. I have been known to do the "whore bath" (washcloth under arms and crotch area) lol.
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