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Hi and Welcome! I am in South Dakota too.
I have 3 blue-eyed boys. Dh has blue eyes and I have brown. The boys' eyes are various shades of blue, from bright blue to a blueish-grey.
It'll be a surprise for us too! We've never found out w/ any of ours.
I'm fat, obese I guess. I've gained 2lbs. and then lost 3lbs. so far. I don't worry about my weight when I'm pg I just try and eat healthy w/ a few treats too!
I'm still nursing my 22mo. old about 2-3x per day, but I wish he would wean. I started trying to wean him when I found out I was pg, got him down to twice a day but he just isn't ready to give it up all together. I'm very sore and it hurts each time he nurses. I don't want to tandem. ETA: I'm pretty sure I have no milk. It's just a comfort thing for him, and to get him to nap.
I will be having this done when my baby is born. I've had all c-sections, some recoverys have been harder than others. My OB said it should only add about 5min. to the surgery, and for side effects mostly heavy periods, and some cramping. We are def. done and since I'll be opened up anyway it just makes sense to have a tubal then.
My oldest was 3yrs4mos when my second was born, and my second was 3yrs6mos when my third was born. Now this time I'm going to have a 26-27mo. old a newborn, and I'm a little worried about it. Honestly, I really liked having my kids a little bit older and a little bit more independant when the baby came. They were able to go potty and wash on their own, and even get themselves some simple snacks on their own. They (somewhat) understood that they needed to be a little...
Well, I will have #4 in Dec. and we are not religious. Baby #4 will be our last though.
Quote: Originally Posted by A&A I think girl, and I think everything will be fine! Wow, thank you. So... I've had 3 psychics say this baby is a girl now. After 3 boys its hard to wrap my mind around. Maybe this really is a girl baby!
Is this baby a boy or a girl? Will everything go okay w/ the c-section?
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