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Hello February! Hello Dingos!  :)   Mel38 - can you put the following on the race list for me: Leprechaun Chase - 3/15 http://www.lc10k.com/iowa-registration/ Market to Market Relay - 5/10 http://iowa.markettomarketrelay.com/ Gladiator Assault Challenge - 5/17 http://www.gladiatorassault.com/ and on the results list: Icebreaker Triathlon 1/26 (http://www.dmymca.org/documents/filelibrary/walnut_creek/IceBreakerResults2014_F0D4098350D9E.pdf)  54:58 Thanks!   Geo -...
Mel - Can you add to the list for me:  May 11 - Pieathlon (doing it as a team with some friends) www.pieathlon.com, May 19 - Gladiator Assault Challenge (http://www.gladiatorassaultchallenge.com/IOWASEVEN), June 8 - Grinnell Games Half Marathon (http://www.grinnellgames.com/run.html), July 14 - Iowa Games Triathlon (http://www.iowagames.org/Sports/SummerGames/Triathlon.aspx).  Thanks!   Geo - love the couch! Gaye - thoughts and prayers to your family Shanti -...
Hey. Hope everyone here is ok, and all their running friends too.  Watching coverage of the Boston Marathon and just in shock. :(
Shanti - so glad to read good news about your ds.   jooj - if you figure out how to motivate a kid to stop being pokey, let me know. Ds is driving me nuts now with how slow he does things.   kerc - hope you are able to enjoy the time away.  Hard when we miss them (even though they sometimes drives us nuts).   JayGee - I'm sorry that the referendum didn't pass. :(   I know I missed some, but hugs to those who need them and I'm in agreement that the...
Subbing in. I've been off MDC for a bit with a crazy schedule. Hoping for a few months where I can keep up with y'all!   Starting reading from here - too much since last I posted.
15.3 miles run/walked this week so far.  Boot camp for 3 hours.    How's everyone doing?  
171 even. not fabulous, but still movement in the right direction.  
2.6 more miles this morning and 2000 steps on the step machine.  
New Posts  All Forums: