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BFM  - you're doing a great job!!!  I can put the numbers together tonight for team standings to date.   
I'm continuing to see (slow) movement on the scale this week in the right direction.  Re-invigorated to work on the diet side of things.  
Good morning ladies!!!  I love my scale to day (but it may need new batteries!)....   170.4  
{{hugs}} to all the challengers that are having issues with gains lately (I'm with you all).  Hoping that the weekend gives us all a chance to reboot and start anew.  We can do this ladies!  We are so totally worth it!  
{hugs} to all that need them hoping people that need sleep get it and that people who have crazy people in their lives are able to segregate between their own crazy and other people crazy.   FTR, I'd kill to run as fast as some of you ladies (and might kill myself trying to! )!  Slowly getting faster at running, but I'm still not at all speedy.   I am getting stronger too... Still doing bootcamp (3x/wk), kettlebell (1-2x/wk), swimming (1x/wk), and whatever else...
Here's where I got it from.... http://www.collegehumor.com/picture/6317783  
I have renamed AF, in my circle of IRL friends, as "Shark Week".....  
174 this morning. :(  
Hi all. I've been trying to stay kept up, but keep falling behind. How is it that I'm even busier when I'm not in session? (It may be an organization thing. LOL)   I spent the weekend at a continuing education seminar and learned a lot. Came home to a bit more chaos than I expected and honestly, I'm too tired to deal with it.  Just wishing that I didn't feel like I have to pick up the pieces and be the responsible adult.  Also wishing dh would actually TALK to me...
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