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Still missing four weights.  I will post the updates tomorrow regardless.  
 When you are logged in, go to the "my profile" tab at the top of the page and click it. Scroll almost to the bottom of the page to where it says "your forum signature" and click on "edit signature" (over to the right and below the "your forum signature") Modify siggy accordingly by adding smilies from the menu bar and save/submit. 
 Too late for this one, but I'm pretty sure there will be a 6.0.
167.8 this morning for me.  So, no change.... but given how poorly I ate this weekend, I'll take it.     Sorry to see you go.  Hope that things settle for you soon and that you are able to pursue your goals.      WTG Ladies!!!
did a great spin/treadmill/abs workout with a friend yesterday morning.  then a 30 minute run while dd1 was at her piano lesson after school.   this morning did boot camp - it felt great.  Wanting another workout tonight... thinking about taking the kids roller skating.
I have a slightly different proposal for you...  How about I take the average of the two weights... Today is the 4th day in and you may have lost some weight this week already...  Would make the entry 242.6 lbs... LMK. 
  anyalily - Congrats on your BFP!!!  Sending sticky vibes your way and best wished for a happy, healthy, uneventful 9 months!!!        Glad to see you here!  I'm sorry to hear of the path leading to us, but I am excited for us to keep each other motivated and moving forward.  Hoping that you are successful in your weight loss journey and starting your family.      Getting enough fluid is hard!  Thank you for reminding me that  I really need to drink more... water, that...
First Week with Team Assignments:     8-Oct Name Week 1 bilbi 198 briannas auntie 276 crazy cat...
  I love celeriac!!!  I need to find some locally that doesn't cost too much - it is on my list of things to try to grow in my garden next year.
  Yea!!! So glad to see you joining us!   I've got you in the chart.  And, ummmm, about the cookies... don't feel too bad... I made pumpkin rolls and pumpkin scones this afternoon... and ate more than one serving of each.   Tomorrow is a new day... I also made a veggie soup (heavy on the kale) to eat when I'm feeling peckish for the next couple days... get the filling but not a ton of calories.
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