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  You can do it!  :)  So long as you are doing anything, you are lapping all the people just sitting on the couch!  Each day gets a little better.     Sounds like a solid workout.   Walking on the beach sounds lovely!  No beaches near me to speak of... and it was dang cold and rainy here today.     not a problem.   You can do this!!!  I've been there and have made huge strides and it gets a little easier each day. 
OK. I have initial weights for everyone EXCEPT the following: BarefootMama99 briannas auntie Contented73 gracynnsmommie marymom Smilesarefree If you posted and I missed it, can you repost or send me a PM?  Thanks.   I will post the starting chart with team assignments as soon as I have weights for everyone.   Anybody object to a change in colors?  I'm thinking Orange and Purple this time around.
Congrats!!! That's awesome!
and no, I'm not feeling pirate-y.
167.8. argh.   
IsaFrench - you have a ton on your plate!  Sending your way while you deal with everything.  Hoping we both have fabulous results this time round.  
  Diana - you have a great plan of attack!  That list of skills gives me something to shoot for too - always wondered how I'd measure up.     No problem with doing the conversions. :)  I've also got engineering in my background, so love having fun with math!  And starting slowly is good - gives you the chance to acclimate and build up to more intensity with lower risk of getting injured. 
Welcome to the challenge everyone!   Introductions? Was thinking that it might be nice for us all to do them...   I'm Jennifer, aka dmitrizmom.  I have 3 kids: Ds (11 yo), dd1 (9yo), and dd2 (3yo).  I've been married to dh for 13 years, together for the last 15.5. I teach at the local community college and will be joining the local wellness clinic as their staff chiropractor this month.  My highest weight was 275ish.  I lost weight while pg with dd2.  My starting...
I'm ok with this if no one has objections.
For those on the other side of the international date line, it is already Monday, October 8!  The challenge is on.    Looking forward to seeing everyone weigh in over the next 48 hours (or so). 
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