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Lisa – it would be fabulous if full-time with benefits positions opened for both of us!  Crossing my fingers.   Revolting – welcome to the group!  (I like your name too!) I still feel like a newbie here, but the support of the dingos is wonderful!  I don’t do the gear check – if I need it for the run (or tri), I carry it with, otherwise it stays in the car.   Shanti – thinking about your freezer has me drooling. :p  and your crafting sounds like so much...
Hey there ladies!  Only 2 weeks left... This challenge is going fast..  I am so proud and inspired by y'all.  Eating better and exercising - doing this the right way to get healthy.  Keep on working toward those goals - it is so worth it to see the changes!   
169.2.   Workout plans for the week: MWF: bootcamp T: powerhouse Th: swim and weights F: powerhouse S: run Su: off
Did my first 10K ever this morning.  I better have a loss on the scale Monday morning.  
pufferbilly 10k results:  1:06:31.... not too shabby for my first 10K.   just had to add 2 things... 1. OMG - sub-11 min/mi!  woot! 2. Holy cats - when I did my 1st 5K two years ago, it took me 52ish minutes!!!  Talk about improvement.
I'm a little spoiled - the local Y has kettlebell classes that fit my schedule.  Is there anyplace near you that you could take a sample class and go from there?  I'm pretty big on learning proper technique first and the best way to do that is to have someone who knows what they are doing there to help you. Will try to get you some video recommendations this weekend. :)
Although I haven't been posting much, I have been reading.  Most often I have a 2 yo draping herself over me while I read... makes it difficult to type.   Fall semester started - I've got 3 of my four classes with enough enrollment to go. The fourth class had enrollment drop below and so I'm teaching it as a directed study. means I take at least a 40% pay cut for that class assuming nobody else drops.  I'm looking for a few online teaching options for spring (my...
  You go!  Kettlebell is an AWESOME workout!  Love it.  Gets you both cardio and strength training at one go. 
AmandaMarie - thanks for posting your activity list!    My list: Today: 5K on the treadmill, 10.2 miles on spin bike, 20 minutes upper body weights Tuesday and Thursday: weights, cardio OR power house (1 hour high intensity circuit) Wednesday: bootcamp (1 hour) Friday: bootcamp and power house Saturday: 10K run Sunday: off  
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