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I haven't logged on to MDC for months and am not sure when I'll be back but I do know Pre-K is tuition based unless you meet federal guidelines re: low income requirements or English is not your first language.  I am only familiar with public schools and don't know what you mean about transferring districts...   LIke the school is close to you but you live on the "wrong" side of the border?  If so, it will depend on what districts you are talking about and I can only...
I'm in-between Shady Acres and the Heights but sometimes work on the East End although not as much anymore.  I have not been on MDC for many months though, and may not return.  I just looked her on a whim!
OkaY so dad being a cop, makes sure you let CPS know and ask what protocol(s) they have in place to ensure there is no preferential treatment for a fellow officer.
I am another person who is very concerned about all those red flags.  So now that you've gotten confirmation what is your plan?   Here we have a place called Children's Assessment Center they only work on cases of possible abuse and everyone is very well trained.  They would not hold down a child, videotape all interviews and provide free therapy.  Access is via CPS only.  I'm not sure why your pedi or those therapists have not called, or of they did why it is taking...
I know two people IRL and at least 8 families from a local parenting board who all rave about their births there.  Two did not have any time away from the babies.  Two had a very hard time getting pregnant and could only have c/s deliveries.  Two had "natural" births, in their words but I have no specifics...
I used an OB affiliated with Women's Specialist but know at least 6 families in my area (Heights) who had great unmedicated births with the midwives there.  The do "standard" testing though.
Also don't they usually tape the performances at those specialty music camps? Could you buy a copy and make a big deal out of having a family "showing" when she returns?
What if your dH goes and can Skype it? I would not fly at 34 weeks.
Wow I don't know where you are but it is HOT here in Houston no way I'd drive around without a/c during the day! I'm glad your car made it. And your family too of course!!!
Yes, very true!  Unfortunately right now that is not the case at all.  LIke I posted above I had to overcome LOTS of obstacles.    
New Posts  All Forums: