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I can remember most things, all of our ss #'s, phone numbers, current sizes in all clothes for all family members. but i CANNOT remember my daughters birthday, i always have to stop and think about it. It makes me feel awful, especially since i am 'known' in my family for remembering everything! fyi it is 7/9/08 but i want it to go 7-8-9. but it doesn't........
Quote: Originally Posted by LittleBlessings Yikes. I find you story to be very scary. I do too. I hope he does something not too bad but bad enough to get evicted. Keep us updated
my almost 3 year has napped at noon for 2 years now (side note: i can't believe he is old enough to have 'done' anything for 2 whole years!!) and it seems like lots of kids his age, if they nap, do it later in the afternoon. Our problem right now is the baby naps in the AM and PM so I have someone napping at all times it feels like!
I am so sorry for you, we had something similar happen about a year ago and we still have not recovered from it. Honestly, I see you have already written HR, that is about the only effort I personally would put forth down that avenue, I would freshen up my resume and start job hunting, it can take a long time in this economy to secure a new job, so I would start looking NOW before the ball drops. Good luck.
you are welcome to test mine out this week when we see you guys!
I am so sorry! I'll be praying for your husband!
victorian style houses in my central kentucky area are all fully remolded and cost between 300,000 - and 800,000 depending on size of house and amenities (like does it have *just* a heated inground pool or a poolhouse as well) there are only like 20ish of these homes in my city, though. Now my house is 100 yrs old, not a victorian though, on a decent lot with the garden already planted and we are only asking 128. hint, hint.
Quote: Originally Posted by stephienoodle You might want to look at the Charlottesville area. We've got a WF and 2 other decent health food stores, a super active local food movement (lots of farmers markets and a few CSAs), etc. There are decent-sized tracts of land to be had within 30-45 minutes for not nearly as much $$$ as farther north, especially if you don't mind it being closer to the mountains. You'd want to look at Albemarle, Nelson,...
I eat bon-bons and watch soap operas, gotta have my stories!! We usually get out of the house once a day to run errands (either in the stroller or the car, depends on where we are going). During afternoon nap, I clean for an hour or so (that includes, laundry, dinner prep, ect) then I relax online or with a book or magazine. usually the days fly by. On the rare occasion they don't and i've been looking at the clock all day and its only 10 am, we do something...
Quote: Originally Posted by Peony That's a hard one. I injured my foot last week on a door and 6y DD1 went around telling everyone I had kicked her. Just what I wanted when the toddler fell and broke her clavicle a few weeks ago. laughup. sorry. I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time.
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