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I'm so jealous, may i move into your freezer??
Quote: Originally Posted by kalkiwendy I just had this conversation with dd's ST yesterday. Grace has been taking fish oil for about three months and her language ability (caveat in a moment) has increased dramatically. What I mean by ability, though, is that she is stringing longer and longer sentences together and clearly producing much more abstract thoughts/statements. Problem is, her apraxia itself has not improved enough to make her speech any...
you need a list. Things you want for you, DH and each of the kids and the household (i do separate lists one for inside the house one for out). I keep them accessible so I can add to them as I think of things (because i remember i would like a new strainer only when cooking pasta, ect.) Every couple of days, or every day if you would like, we read and re-evaluate the lists. 'maybe that is not so important, we don't *really* need that' until they are pared down to...
I am very sorry. Did you say how long he will be in this situation?
Quote: Originally Posted by LittleBlessings we use extra money for special family outings us too. we are on a VERY tight budget. so any surprise surplus is for trips to the zoo, the pool, ect.
this reminds of a time DH and i were out to dinner and got a dessert that was HUUGE, no way we could have eaten it all. As we were finishing up, his sister and BIL were seated at the table next to us (small town). so we gave them the rest of our dessert and they were eating it and their waitress came over to take their order and her eyes almost bugged out of her head!!! They all had a good laugh once they straightened it out, but she was thinking they were really...
my family is on facebook and i love it! We have really gotten to connect with each other in a way we hadn't before (spread out over the country). I am a generally nice person and see no reason to censor myself for them. IF i had nosy busy bodies as friends, even if they were family, they wouldn't stay my FB friend for long, either!
no idea how much we are getting back but here is the order of what we are doing with it: Carpets professionally cleaned 150 for me 150 for dh 150 for 2 kiddos (this is for summer clothing needs and hopefully a small want) then we have 5000 in medical bills, we are starting with the oldest and working our way up with the remainder of the refund.
this is what DP does in our house (and it works pretty well for me!) in the AM if we are leaving for an AM doc appt he helps get everyone ready and us out the door. If we are not leaving in the early morning, he doesnt do much with the kids (he'll talk to them and stuff but he will hit snooze until he has to rush out the door). in the evening he gets 10 minutes on the computer then its his turn with the kids while i make dinner, we eat, his turn again with the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tellera Wow Wow Wubbzy. wow wow wubzy wubzy wubzy wow wow..........HATE IT Also hate: yo gabba gabba lazytown I like oswald once I decided that the show is actually a MR/DD residential home for adults. Think about it like that and watch it again, I could be right!
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