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I thought it was the driver side because in a crash the driver will instinctively protect that side of the car. okay, we are about 50/50 now, we need a tie breaker!
one thing i'd like to say is, I would guess the way they are portrayed on the show is the way they actually are because, if they are actually nice good people and were constantly being portrayed as not so nice people, wouldn't *most* good, kind people STOP doing the show?? I know I would.
that happened at our transition meeting with first steps an the school. they kept sending papers around the room for everyone to sign while the meeting and discussion was taking place and they would get to DH and I and we would just stack them up next to us to deal with after the meeting. Our service coordinator interrupted me while I was speaking to ask me to go ahead and sign those papers. uh....NO, I can't effectively have a discussion and read different...
I am so sorry you have been running in to doctors like that! I don't know a lot about feeding issues but wanted to respond to your post. What does your mama instinct tell you? does it tell you she is 'manipulating' you? or that there is some other problem that they haven't figured out yet?
back carries are easier on my shoulders but I only use that when i am cooking really hot or splattery stuff on the stove. she MUCH prefers the front. we are having trouble putting the baby in as she braces her feet on the bottom and locks her knees so she is standing, i kind of have to squish her to get her in there now
for today! (love this by the way) -finish organ. kids clothes -wash the highchair - bake banana bread and meal plan for next week
Quote: Originally Posted by jenniferadurham Can you not take the door off the hinge from inside the room? I would keep a screwdriver in there to get it off. like I said it is a very old house and DS' room and door are all original. I don't think there are any objects that would work to stick in there to open the door, and taking the door off with a screwdriver would mean chipping thru prob 10 or so layers of paint. we do have a new plan,...
i always say (even if the comment is ABOUT me but not said TO me) "just the way I like it!"
Quote: Originally Posted by theretohere I think that all health insurance plans have a life time cap in their fine print, usually far lower then someone who is chronically ill would need. My kiddo will hit her life time cap before she's 5 most likely- and I don't know what we'll do after that. oh my god!!!!! what DO people after that???????? DO you have to make yourself so poor you qual for medicaid if you don't already???????? oh my god,...
its okay! those kids didn't really need more candy did they? if it makes you feel any better my mom didn't know you had to add your own candy to a pinata and my dad had to make a mad dash to the store at my 6th birthday party. it didn't scar me! I promise!
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