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I am still freaking out!!!! I was putting my toddler down for his nap, the baby was downstairs crawling around with her toys. I went to open the door to my toddler's room and the doorknob fell off!!! (old old house). we were locked in!!! I was so freaked out and scared, the baby was just all by herself downstairs!! I kept looking out the window waiting to see someone and after like 15 minutes my neighbor across the street pulled in for her lunch break and I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Happily Blessed My Mother supports me in anything I do. Thats what Moms do. Amen to that!
Monday: change sheets and clean upstairs (dust, vacuum, bathroom) Tuesday: wash clothes Wednesday: clean downstairs (dust, mop, vacuum, bathroom) Thursday: wash sheets towels kitchen rags Friday: desk day and small laundry day I grocery shop on saturdays so I don't have to have 'helpers' I have a list of 15 monthly projects (like dust baseboards, wipe down all toys, ect) that I have split up, 3 a week on a 5 week rotating system. so like this week...
my husband is going to fix it, he has figured out the problem we just had to order the part. that could take a few weeks so there is no way i could go a few weeks without washing clothes!
okay, my washing machine is not working right, it goes thru the wash cycle fine but when it gets to rinse it just buzzes and nothing happens;. So, I am thinking I can just turn it back to wash a second time (with no soap the 2nd time) and that will work, right? any flaws in this plan? its just so :::
no advice, sorry. my 2 and half year old is spitting, too. its all very exciting to him. and really grosses me out. He doesn't spit on me so i am able to ignore it. Spitting on me, i dunno what to do, but maybe a more experienced mama will have some advice for you! 2 year olds are very hard
Quote: Originally Posted by elephantmargaret I'm also finding that DD doesn't play with "baby toys" like her brother did. She plays with his cars, trucks, balls etc-toys are much more interesting when they are someone elses! And since they are only 25 months apart it works fine-he isn't into super tiny piece stuff. I'm finding this too with my babies who are 25 months apart! DD LOVES her brothers cars and train tracks, and with those as an...
Quote: Originally Posted by jocelyndale I would seek medical attention and request Plan B immediately, thereby eliminating the possibility of implantation. I would never presume to tell another woman what she should or should not do. this
my mom brushes her hair everyday and shaves her leg with the razor (the handle not the blade obviously) she got them for Christmas when she was 13. so that was 1968....so they are 40 years old! a cheap dollar store collander (also white plastic like an OP, wonder if they are the same?) is 8 years old Awesome thread!
Quote: Originally Posted by NiteNicole I would be creeped out if my boss did something for me for Valentine's Day. Creeped. Out. If they want to do something, isn't there an Admin Assist Day comeing up? for sure! April 23rd is usually admin asst day or a day near that date. wait till then
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