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It can be so hard to see through that kind of pouring rain, I'm so sorry
.....when do the new packages come out and we can get more than cereal and milk?
no advice, but my DH is the same way and it is SO frustrating!! he walks in the house a few weeks ago at 1;40 (we had a school meeting at 2) and just throws his stuff down and says "i'm gonna shower in a few minutes, can you iron my blue shirt?" turns out, he thought meeting was at 3 and he had all the time in the world. (needless to say he got no shower and wore the gray shirt i had ironed the day before, that he watched me iron!)
holy crap, i think we might qualify for EIC!! and the extra rebate!! ::: what types of income count to find out if you are eligible for EIC? just income from working or interest, capital gains, also?
we are just hoping for enough to pay off our medical debt and save some to pay for our not yet received medical bills. that is our only debt besides our mortgage. paying 6 months of car insurance would give a nice monthly breathing room, too.
I'm in. pen basket with dead batteries and a couple tops to things (what things, i dont know??) headphones monitor printer another pen cup random cd with no label cord poker chip keys travel size soap 2 cans chapstick another poker chip 4 printed pieces of papers of dhs headband cord wood putty 2 empty bottles breats pump nail clippers x 3 stack of cds gum wrapper doorknob camcorder crayon crumpled paper towel dinasour thats a lot! i gotta...
I don't have advice to offer you, but hugs! That is a lot. I'll be thinking about you all and hoping your medicaid waiver goes thru and you can work for your child! I used to work part time (3 days a week) but quit about 2 months ago because we could not keep up. we are broke and getting on food stamps but I felt like i had no other choice, including ST and OT so far in February we have 24 appointments!!!!!!!!!!! How could I do that and work?? Good luck, mama!
::r ant:: don't really know what to say.
my son used to be a big sleeper that! Even now at 2 and a half he takes almost a 3 hour nap daily, it is heaven! enjoy it!
okay, i am soon to be mom of a preschooler and have to know, how do you know if its a stay party or a drop off party? does the invitation say? do people just *know*?? how does that work?
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