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yay for spaghetti!!
me me! I have shocked myself on the preschool thing. I have cried several times, several! over the thought of him on his own in preschool. And i am not a crier! He is just so little and is going to be on his own, what if he gets scared? or needs something but they don't understand him? Will he ask for help (for some reason I keep picturing him with a snack and juice box not able to open it and not asking for help) He's just so little.
thank you all, the support is very helpful!
can't you ask a pharmacy to dispense these with a label? I would try a local pharmacy, i just think they may be more likely to do it than a big chain.
Okay, so i just finished watching the first season on DVD. and just wanted to whine for a sec....... WWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??? why won't they put seasons 2 and 3 on DVD?? I loved that show!!! I want the rest of it!! okay, rant over. Am I the only one who remembers that show?
if it helps: DS is 2 years and 8 months 32 pounds 31 inches DD is 6 months 15 pounds 26 inches
Where do you all keep your emergency meds for your kids? (whatever it may happen to be, diastat, epipen, glucagon, ect) I have been keeping DD's diastat inside the cover of her bucket carseat, so then it is always in the car with her, at the sitters, at home, ect. (i take it out and throw in my purse for long periods spent out of the car without the seat (like shopping). She is growing out of her bucket and i can't figure out what to do with the diastat now? any...
DD is growing out of her snugride so it's time to move on up! Current set up: car #1 DS - FisherPrice Safe Voyage deluxe FF DD - snug ride RF car #2 DS - Grace Comfortsport FF(bad choice wish i had known better) DD - Graco Snugride Proposed set up: DS in Graco Nautilus in both cars FF DD in the FP safe voyage car #1 DD in the comfortsport car #2 any thoughts? I do know the comforsport will have to be replaced eventually, DD is a tall girl,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Turkish Kate Some people just don't understand that the only appropriate response to "I'm pregnant" is "Congratulations!" :t humb This should be made into billboards!!!!!!!
we have an awesome mail carrier! he comes at 11am every day, + or - 5 minutes and smiles and says hello. I have had mail carriers who EVERY TIME I got a package, left me that note "come to the PO tomorrow to get it" EVERY TIME. that was soooooooo frustrating, isn't that the point of the mail system - it comes to you!?!? my post office also operates at a different and MUCH slower speed than the rest of the world, its like a time warp in there!
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