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well, the title says it all. My family needs some help. DH and I have been married for over 7 years and the last year of our marriage has been filled with some of the darkest days we have seen yet. Brightened by the birth of our daughter 6 months ago, but many bad days. From the major, DH's job loss (VERY unexpected) and unemployment for 3 months, and subsequent employment at 60% of his previous pay rate (which we are VERY thankful for). Our daughter being...
on the paper sitting right in front my for food stamps it says a family of 8 must make LESS than $3857 a month. I'm sure your youngest 2 would qualify for WIC, you could feed those eggs to your family and sell more of your farm eggs. good luck, this is a TOUGH situation, and my family will be thinking about you.
sorry we missed the pampered chef party, jackson would have loved it! a lunch cooking thing sounds fun. Not this week though, we are recovering from the norovirus and had rsv last week so we are about as contagious as one family can get right now! we are pretty free in the middle of the day now, I'm not really working anymore with mags' health stuff, so that means we are home!
Quote: Originally Posted by Pumpkin_Pie Pictures! Here is the original green shirt that I already owned with the new brown jeans. Woven black 3/4 sleeve shirt. Yellow/orange shirt and black jeans. Grey shirt with brown jeans. Jacket you look very nice and very appropriate for a preschool!
Quote: Originally Posted by MayLibertySprout Great news! The dr actually listened to me and said any loss of skills IS something to worry about. I told him about DS's psychologist's suggestion for a neuro-SI eval. He asked me where I would get one of those. I said I assumed a nuerologist! Well, turned out we didn't even need a refferal. AND I got an appt for TOMARROW!! I was shocked, they are usually 3-6 months for an appt.(my son is a patient) They...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sierra "Everything happens for a reason" is pretty annoying too. :::::::: irked:::: no it doesn't!!!!!! sometimes stuff just sucks!! That one really irritates me
Quote: Originally Posted by DaughterOfKali All I managed to do was the laundry. getting the laundry done is good!
I'm going to give this thread another shot, we just got out of the hospital yesterday, DD has RSV. She is doing much better but the house is not! I know if i can get it picked up today I can fully relax this evening. Here is my list from last week, I'm just jumping off from that -Call friend about doing work for her -vacuum upstairs -clean upstairs bathroom -dust upstairs -change and wash sheets -make cookies -clean out fridge -clean out dishwasher -clean...
the bouncy seat is the main "thing" we use. When i shower, when i'm cooking before baby is big enough for a high chair, when they have a cold and need to be propped up a bit for comfort, ect. i agree with a PP, if you can clean it and wash the cover, i'd use it without the vibrating function. The vibe broke on ours and DD doesn't mind, she still likes it.
I don't go up to the attic b/c their are squirrels up there! AHHHHHHHH anything that needs to go up there sits in the hallway till DH does it. DH does not clean out the dishwasher, EVER, he claims he can't , it is just the one thing he can't stand, he can do dishes all day long but not clean out the dishwasher
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