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i have it, i also chose it over the mirena because hormonal birth control makes my sex drive disappear (and whats the point of birth control if you have no sex drive? ) and i wanted soemthing i did not have to think about the whole stoppping your period thing wierds me out. i have only had one cycle since having DS and it was fine. ETA: if this is what you pick, call your doc's office ahead of time, because it is not the popular choice anymore my doc's office did not...
yesterday was my first day at work without my pump and i LOOOVED it, i felt so light and free walking in with just my lunch! now, i am pumping on the way home-i live 10 minutes from work and i hook my pump up to my car charger and got like 4 ounces on the way home, that way i have something to send to DCP.
i have NEVER been bitten by a tick *shudder* i forsee it happening this summer as DS would like to live outside
mine does, she takes a week off in july, a long memorial day weekend and the major holidays, all paid.
lol.......who is in your dreams?? ps- this is my 500th post
for all you been there done that moms with families created (or added to) through adoption-what advice would you give someone just starting out? any helpful tips us newbies could get would be great!!
i agree with not putting all your eggs in one basket, if your DH were me, i would be putting in my so many applications for different jobs/internships, ect my hand would hurt :-)
i am so lazy today, i am trying to get rolling. so far i have, read, watched cinderella, checked MDC :-) DS's birthday party (his FIRST) is saturday i have to work wed and thursday so i really need to get going............ what i have to do: laundry (including rewashing the towels that have been in the washer for 4 days) vacuum unload dishwasher sweep kitchen clean upstairs grocery store
thanks so much!
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