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Quote: Originally Posted by SleeplessMommy *spoiler here* I made a little spreadsheet based on tonight's results. It is so close.... any of them could win. If I guess at 8% weight loss between week 18 and the final show: .........................current percent wt loss......predicted wt. ...... predicted % .................................................. ............ next week KOLI..........6'1" ...
Who are you all voting for or routing for, if you don't do voting? I voted for Daris.
They could absolutely make up a story where the mom (or husband) of the 1st baby wanted a girl, delievered, had a boy and paid/bribed the nurse to switch with the first baby girl born. Susan could have delivered, nurses say that there is a problem, wisk the baby away before they can see it, come back with the boy after giving the other family the girl, and say congrats. It couldn't happen in real life, but if it is DH, they can do it.
Daris, Daris, Daris... Ugh! I just want to get into his head and figure out what is up with him. I developed an out-there theory while I tried to fall asleep last night (since I have nothing better to think about except make theories about TB people's lives...) I think he likes Ashlee and is sad because she doesn't love him back or doesn't know if she does, but she is linked more strongly to Micheal (although I think Micheal is gay, nothing concrete, just a feeling). ...
Nice one!!! (the MJ/child that died switch) I like that idea!! That would be devestating though.
I'm very much not surprised yet a little relieved. Although the last season was getting slightly better, it was a chore to watch and yet I felt the need to keep watching in order to see what happens. But a world without Sylar is a very sad one.
While I think the camera emphasized the hand-holding between Ashlee and Michael, and it occurred to me too, I just can't see them being together. But I never would have seen Sam and Stephanie either, so what do I know? I was hoping it was Koli that was booted, but I'm OK with Sunshine. I thought I read somewhere (here?) that they have 12 weeks from leaving the ranch to the finale, but that sounds like a lot. They definitely have more than 30 days. I thought...
Awww, come on TC! Run from a chance to be on TV?! I bet they owuld have to have you sign a waiver to be on, so you would have time to make a decision. I always hate the episode where someone is eliminated just before the final four. It tears my heart out for them to come so far only to not make it. While I'm sure he is a nice guy, there is something about Koli that doesn't sit right with me. I wouldn't mind him being out of the final 4.
I'm still enjoying it. I like all of the danger in Wysteria... (insert creepy music) I wonder how Lynette is going to get out of there. I'm guessing labor, young male freaking out, feeling maternal love for Lynette and letting her go and turning himself in to get the help she convinces him that he needs. Gabby is going to have to save Angie and Danny somehow, but I don't know how that is going to happen, unless she just tells Nick and he somehow escapes the hospital. ...
The finale is live in two(?) weeks, so I would imagine he's working out for that. Probably in the final 4.
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