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Who saw this week's episode? I always love makeover week, but I wasn't too fond of the women's outfits. They weren't as flattering as I would have liked. I love Daris's new look and even Michael looked pretty good. I'm glad Sam left, but wait! He's dating Stephanie?! Wasn't it Koli that got her kicked off the show spreading the rumor that she threw the weigh-in to knock off Ashley's mom? Is that how he knew becaue she and Sam were "dating"? So then why would he...
http://www.netmindbody.com/patients/...oner_start.asp I've had a friend who really responded to this type of therapy. It uses muscle testing to see where you feel strong and where you feel weak and then work on healing the weak parts. It can go back to when you are very little. I'm thinking of using it myself. I hope it helps!
I would like Pamela to leave before Neicy.
That episode was so incredibly depressing and draining to watch.
Does anyone else think it is telling that they have to train people how to cook? Isn't that what this whole thing comes down to - cooking vs. heating things up? If everyone cooked more often - I'm not just talking about schools, but homes, families - we wouldn't be in this situation. And I'm a person that doesn't cook nearly often enough, but it is becoming clearer and clearer to me that that is at the center of the problem. Nobody knows what to do anymore in the...
She has a very late birthday and we have a 12/31 cutoff, so she will be the youngest. Wolfmeis, why be careful what you wish for? I'd like to hear more on that thought.
After homeschooling my daughter her whole life, she is starting public school in the fall. She's 9 and going into 5th grade, which is on par. However, I've been told by a few parents who also have gifted children that they think she is gifted - not because I asked, they just mentioned it in conversation. I researched on how to tell and from what I read, it seems to fit her almost to a T. When I was homeschooling, I didnt' really think much of it, just kept her at a...
Harper Rose - which person were you? What did you say? I was looking but then realized I didn't know what I was looking for. I must have missed it here somewhere in the thread. So excited for you though! I am so glad the whole USDA aspect fo things was brought out loud and clear. That is the key, I think, to get the parents and school officials to raise their voices to the USDA and change it there. I think it can be done if enough people are loud enough. After...
Kate strikes me as a very depressed woman. Her eyes are just so sad. If that's true, then I can see where that lack of motivation comes in.
It's the law where we live that a child under 4 and under 40 lbs must be in a car seat. It's not just safety (which is most important of course), it's the law!
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