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For all you you who were so kind to help my sister, it seems to have worked! She has seen anymore spotting, her symptoms are still there and she feels confident it's going to be OK. It's too difficult for her to get to her doc, so she just let it go and hoped for the best. Luckily, so far, it has turned out OK. Thanks again ladies! You are all wonderful!
Desa, I'm so sorry you lost a baby. Thank you for sharing your story.
Congratulations Caroline! I just saw that you had your baby (I'm eaither self-absorbed or having pg brain, probably both!). Best of luck to you! Shannon, good to know about the spotting. I have all fingers and toes crossed! Nausea stepped up this morning - yay!!! and yuck!
Hi ladies! I'm here too, but new as I'm only 6 weeks along! It's great to see everyone together here and doing well! I've a rough past few days as I have seen some spotting, but everything looks great on paper - bloodwork, cervix, etc. so "someone" is just messing with me and they better quit it!! :
Congratulations gossamer! I for one could never forget Mary Rose. She is as much a part of our MDC community as anyone. This new baby is lucky to her watching over him/her. I would like to think that Mary Rose had a talk with someone of great importance and put in a special request for her Mommy and Daddy. I hope you find a way to enjoy this pregnancy. We are here for you.
Way to go dad!!
Hi ladies! Thanks for asking about me. I've been staying away because I was afraid that my spotting on Friday meant the end. Then this morning I was going to post, but I found more spotting. Luckily, I just had my second round of bloodwork done yesterday and my m/w had the results. She said based on the numbers, I'm doing great. My hCG is around 40,000 now (was 16,000 Friday) and progesterone is staying in the mid-20's, which is also good. I have popped a little...
Chiming in to say, yup, we're in the tantrum-in-public club. One thing I wanted to add was something a friend said to me. She said (and I paraphrase) "I know that when the defiant, stubborn, tantrum-y kids grow up, I really won't worry about them. They will most likely speak their minds. It's the compliant ones that I will worry about." Food for thought.
My dh has been nauseous the past few days and coincedentally...so have I. Hmmm.... Then again, my dh seems to always get"sick" whenever I do - not days later, but within hours, but miraculously recovers fairly quickly.
I am so very sorry. Please be good to yourself. Pm me if you need to talk.
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