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I laughed my butt off when I read it, and when I read it aloud to my husband, he could barely understand me through my laughter and had began laughing before I even finished reading it. I would have found that thoroughly hilarious. I probably would have said "Oh, Corbin, no!!!" in desperation while laughing uncontrollably. I'd have made him get down for a bit and made him something else. And then if he did it again to express his displeasure, I would have then probably...
Quote: Maybe. But if you think that way, when people abuse their children, should it be up to them, too? Obviously not, but we're not talking about child abuse -- we're talking about differing perceptions when it comes to risk assessment, not differing perceptions of what constitutes as abuse or neglect. I'm not abusing or endangering my child by letting him do things that I know are safe for him to do. Making my own choice about that as well as what...
And I looked up the law about expedited ICPCs in TN and Nick doesn't meet any of the requirements so I can't ask for one. But why does it take 2 months to file paperwork!!?
I have sent letters and called the case worker and her superior. I think I'll call her, then her superior again with my questions, and then move on up the chain.
Dear CPS Please stop lying. You have enough evidence that you should be able to win your case without straying from the path of honesty. *GrumP*
LOL!! I meant my son's age!!! Sorry!!
Ride a bike without a helmet "Drive" the car in my dad's lap Ride in the truck bed Sleep laying down on road trips I saw someone at Walmart with a lil girl about my age in his lap, driving with her. I was like, omg, that is so dangerous! But I didn't do anything. Because I thought to myself, it's the walmart parking lot, he is probably just bringing the car around, highly unlikely he'd get hit hard enough for her to be thrown from the car, and plus, it's a fun daddy...
Quote: But the reason I'd say something is because I think 100% consistency is the only thing that toddlers do get - and if they hear that plastic bags are very dangerous every time they put one near their heads/faces, they will eventually stop doing it. Shouldn't it be up to the parent whether or not to teach their children to NEVER play with plastic bags? My son throws things sometimes. I don't care. If he throws something AT someone, I say...
I think the best way to sum it up is this: ignorance is bliss until someone gets hurt. We're more aware of the dangers now. We're not more or less judgemental than we were 50 years ago. We just know more. And so, we have something new to judge people about and bicker about.
There are things I am ok with and things I'm not ok with. Just because I don't care about some things doesn't mean I don't care about others. If my kid is in danger of hurting himself, others, or property or being ridiculously annoying, he has to stop.
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