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Thank you so so so very much for your very helpful post! I appreciate it so much! Thank you for taking the time to help me!
Hello ~ I have a friend that wants to sell me Isagenix products. She swears that they make her feel better. She is also nursing a 9 month old baby. However, I question the safety of these products. It has 3333% or 200mcg of vitamin B12 in of one product that is suppose to be like a Electrolyte drink. Is that safe??? I really appreciate any help please!! :)  
Thank you both sooo much for your help! :)
Hello ~   We are TTC #4 right now and I am having 8/9 day Luteal Phases.   I am very interested in trying progesterone cream.  I am nursing my 18 month old twice a day. Is it okay to nurse and use this cream?   Have you had any luck with the cream?   Thank you for any help! :)
Hello :)   My DS is 14 months old, I am breastfeeding and I have not had my first PPAF yet. I was wondering if I can chart my temp while nursing? I would love any help, advice or support!! :)   Thank you :)
 Hi! :) I would love to partially night-wean too... even just until my PPAF comes! I hear ya on the everu 1-2 hours!  Hopefully it will get better for both of us SOON! :)    
Hello everyone! Please add me to the list for waiting for the first PP egg. :) I am 14 months past the birth of my son and still no period. I would greatly appreciate any advice and support! :) I nurse him quite a bit... he cries for it and I can not refuse him. He has been sick for a week and its been non-stop day and night. :(   Hello once again! I am happy to be here and hoping for that PP egg to arrive!!    
Thank you
Hello I am looking for a very good furniture safety bracket. What kind do you like or dislike? I put up a couple of Mommy's Helper Furniture Bracket... but still looking for all of my other furniture. THANK YOU
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