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I hadn't thought to bother with Shop n Save, thanks. I did actually call the closest Dierbergs and they do have a good selection. That's as far as I got. (I'm terrible about phone calls and I don't get out much!) They didn't have collard greens. I have a feeling the Schnucks closest to me will likely not have much in the way of frozen organics but one of these days I'll call them and go from there. The gentleman I spoke with at Dierbergs was very helpful and apparently...
I want to get frozen organic collard greens and possibly frozen organic kale, if such a thing exists. And frozen organic berries, peaches, and perhaps bell peppers. I'm hoping somebody can save me several phone calls and say they get some of these things at X store and whether they're generally always in stock. I'm really hoping to get answers besides Whole Foods because I'd rather not drive that far, but if that's the only answer then it's still good to know. Thanks in...
What general route are you taking through MO?
Changing my post because I think we've decided against our previous options--even probably against U City (I'd also asked about Florissant)-- ... this is giving me insomnia! Anyway. University City is maybe still on the table. I've only ever been to the Loop maybe twice and a long time ago, so I don't know much about the area. Is it safe? Are there parts that are not safe? Would you feel comfortable walking in residential areas by yourself with your kids, especially in the...
Is this your first? On the off-chance you haven't seen it -- http://www.spinningbabies.com Really do all you can to encourage the baby to turn!
You want to watch the low temperatures at night. I personally don't feel like it's warm enough to *swim* in a stream until it's consistently at or above 65 outside at night, but really, if it's warm enough or even hot during the day, wading and splashing aren't going to hurt. With that being said, I've never been to that park, so I don't know how the river runs there, temperature-wise or otherwise. Maybe just bring your water shoes and play it by ear.
Local Harvest is on Morganford just a block or two from Arsenal where it runs along Tower Grove Park. Here's their site: http://www.localharvestgrocery.com/
Quote: Originally Posted by fantesia28 Oh one other thing... you do sign your kids into the nursery or kids program and they give you a beeper and a printed sticker with your childs information. The child has a sticker on and you have to present your sticker to take the child out of the nursery after service. That's all the security I'm looking for, not so much posted guards or something, hah. Maybe that's why nobody responded before! We...
Does this really not exist? Do I need to start my own church?
I don't think I can get together a whole table but I would like to maybe join someone and bring a friend. PM me if you're needing one or two more players.
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