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I would NOT get the flu shot while pregnant... it's contraindicated in the vaccine insert. The connection between fever and autism sounds like fear mongering to me... fevers happen. Illnesses happen. I think some people like to grasp at straws if there is something 'wrong' and blame whatever they can.   That said, I'm sorry you had the flu and hope you are feeling better very soon.
Ohh! Really? How does she pronounce it? We pronounce it like Sarah with an M... but a lot of people mistakenly call her Mar-uh. I had no names when I delivered her and when I saw her wee little face the name just came to me... I said she looks like a Marah! It's very fitting for her ♥
andaluza I didn't have this particular MT when Marah was a newb but yes you CAN use it for newborns. It's a babyhawk, I prefer wrapping in the wee one phase though.
intime0, this is your spotlight thread!  People can ask you questions, and you can answer (or not, your choice). Or you can just share if you want to. It's up to you!   To get the ball rolling, here are a few starter questions!   Backstory! Tell us about you, where you came from, how you got to where you are now.  What are you craving right now? If someone handed you $1000, no strings attached, what would you do with it? What's your favorite...
My response to the hands full comment is usually but you should see my heart. I grew up an only child even though I have 5 siblings... I hated being an only. I always wanted a big family and I think that most people who watched me grow up probably knew I'd have a huge brood, lol. I am not sure why it's a surprise to some of my family... and society really needs to get the heck out of my reproductive organs! ;)
#3 we were constantly asked if we were 'trying for a girl' and when we had another boy, lol, there was lots of disappointment all around (not from us... my 3rd baby boy was just the most beautiful baby ever, lol). And yeah... we started to hear the aren't you done yets after him. When I conceived #4 and we found out she was a she, lol, we essentially were told we NEEDED to do something about our reproductive organs now because we FINALLY got our girl.       that said, I...
Are you finally done?? Are you or hubby getting 'fixed' (as if we are somehow broken)? You do know what causes that... Wow... 6 is a lot! You have your hands full.   I could go on and on... being on my 6th I've heard a lot of stupid comments.
This is a Mei Tai, not a wrap... I feel a lot of pressure if I tie like I used to with both ties at my waist/upper belly. My lower back will eventually hurt as well. I'm not a big fan of the ergo, I found it to be very uncomfortable in general and the body wasn't long enough for my long torso'd girl. .I also love wrapping and can tie accordingly to make it more comfortable for my growing belly. ♥
Have you been tested for any of the bacteria or illnesses responsible for preterm labor? I honestly wouldn't base all of my fears on braxton hicks contractions. They are more intense and frequent each pregnancy, often starting earlier than the last time. I'm not trying to invalidate your worries, just trying to say if your midwives are okay with what's going on and you've told them everything including your fears I might sit back and just affirm that all is well.  
You have an adorable belly bump, Jen!!     Here's me at 22 weeks carrying my almost 17month old:      
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