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Those are similar to (identical) a cotton gauze wrap. They do not have the stretch of a moby but also aren't as supportive as a woven, for a brand new summer babe it would be perfect (though I'll kindly plug again you can make your own for MUCH cheaper by just buying 4-5 yards of cotton gauze from Joann's or somewhere similar)
Honestly, potty learning is best done without force or coercion. If you are taking them every 15 minutes, they aren't ready. I've done this 4 going on 5 times now... and the one child I pushed to go potty took me 9 mos to completely 'train'. Not worth the effort and aggravation. The next 3 I left it up to them while still making the potty part of our daily routine. The boys were ALL over 3 when it clicked for them and my first daughter did it all on her own at just past...
LOL.. .no I didn't make it, it's handwoven though. I really like the link Aimee shared, lots of gorgeous wraps out there. A good woven is definitely a must have for your stash.
Hi Erica :) That's a Girasol. The colorway is called Amitola... it's the yellow (azarfan) weft. The Amitola has a bunch of different wefts besides the yellow but I LOVED how vibrant the yellow made the colorway. (and thank you!!)
I had a house full of boys at first as well... my husband comes from a family of ALL boys. Between us we had 4 boys, then I'm not sure how but he figured out how to put the plumbing on the inside and then we got 3 girls. THREE. I'm still kind of in shock over here that we're having a sweet, sweet girly again. :) (oh... and my girls eat significantly MORE than my boys ever did, lol)  
Chocolate Brown and I don't know...$30 (plus shipping), make me an offer????
I find buckles, clips, and straps to be such a PITA, lol. SSC were actually more complicated for me to figure out than wrapping, lol. No joke. I prefer MTs and wovens :) If anyone is looking for a moby I have one in perfect condition with the little pouch that holds it.
I finally told family... with a picture of my u/s lol. It was obvious and apparent long before then, though. :)   Here's my 20 week belly and new hair cut/color. My hair was just past my shoulders/to my bra line before I cut it.  
On Sunday I went and had an elective u/s. I think the tech was terrible at capturing stills but I did get a dvd so it's been nice watching that. The gender shots (it's a GIRL!) were terrible so I went frame by frame to find a good one and got it, problem is every time I try to save and upload the screenshot it goes black... so FINALLY I had to take a picture of the screenshot on my computer. Crazy. I labeled it because it was difficult to make out baby's...
I had the zingers all day yesterday... I was starting to really worry. You know what I figured out though? My cervix actually moved UP... so I think things are just moving around in there and babe is growing, putting pressure but also making movements against that area. I searched like crazy in my previous two ddcs because I sorta remember this from before, lol. I'm sure it's nothing!
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