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I lurve my babyhawk... :)   The ergo for us didn't work because my daughter has such a long torso. At 6 mos I couldn't back carry her with it because I worried about her flipping herself out... instead of coming up to her shoulders it went to her armpits. I'm not sure if she's just freakishly long or what, lol, but that on top of all the buckles and adjusting just turned me off.
The concern about breech in Illinois, you all, is that it's an automatic csection... no doctor will vaginally deliver and most midwives won't either, You'd be hard pressed to find ANYbody, really. Especially after one family had their daughter taken from them after a breech birth, midwife attended, because they took baby to the hospital after birth to have her checked out... where they promptly called DCFS. The atmosphere here for natural birthing is not very friendly,...
I gained 50 with my first, 50 with my second, 60 with my third, 60 with my fourth, and 45 with my fifth.... The only one I had ANY trouble losing weight from was #4 but my hormonal balance was definitely off after her birth. By 6 mos pp with my first 3 I was back down to 83 pounds (what I naturally weighed... did NOT diet) and in a size 0. At 6 mos pp with #5 I was just going through a big weight jump (as my cycles returned) and shed 20 pounds quite rapidly... then...
I do not understand care providers who announce that you are 'allowed' to gain a certain amount of weight. It's variable for everybody... I'm petite and always gain between 50 and 60 pounds, I'll be damned if someone 'allows' me to gain that amount of weight... or gives me trouble because it's not the usual. My body NEEDS that amount of weight to carry and sustain a healthy pregnancy with a healthy baby at the end.
20 weeks is entirely too early to worry about baby's position... you SHOULD be concerned with your own posture and positioning. Check out spinning babes (or is it babies) website for some instructions for how you should sit, exercises you can and should be doing to encourage baby to get into optimal position for birth... There's truly so much room in there right now that even if baby was head down it's entirely plausible she'd be transverse and breech and back head down...
At 19.5 weeks I'm up 12 pounds... which seems pretty normal for me. In the next couple of months I'll have a spurt where I have a big gain all in one week... around 9ish pounds.
If it were me, I'd dye it :)
I'm cursing whoever mentioned the damn dorito taco... it's ALL I can think about.
Sounds like an Ergo..... I LOATHED the Ergo, lol.
Wrong thread to open.... backing out now. I'm going through a growth spurt and STARVING all of the time, must NOT get ideas. .
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