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I've come into this thread a few times, Thebyr to give my heartfelt condolences.... they seem so lacking though. Words, while mighty powerful, are nothing in the face of loss. I do want you to know that I am thinking of you often, I'm sending as much love and healing as I can muster your way. I wish that you are able to embrace your grief wholly and be gentle with yourself, Again, lots of love from me to you... lifting you up. (((hugs)))
I would actually love to get together with her more often, lol... I met her once through my local unschoolers group, she had a 'class' at her house. It was LOTS of fun. She's an amazing person. :D
That's right :) Shana and I shared a DDC July of 07 and I know Linda because she's local to me. :)
UP is unassisted pregnancy... you do your own care and UC is an unassisted birth, meaning you deliver baby on your own w/o a doctor or midwife.
Perhaps it was January... lol
Looks like your sister had a baby in December of '05ish?? I think that was the DDC that a few of our mutual friends are a part of.... :)
I added you both.....this is mine.
Oh geez!! The woman I know ALSO had been checked in the ER... take it easy, I hope everything is okay. I'm outraged on your behalf... who would do something like that!? None of the teens I know (my oldest is 16) would EVER think something like that is okay or even consider it... seriously. (and it's not like my son's friends are all innocent, they aren't.)
Quite honestly, I would go in and have it checked out. I'm very low on the intervention scale and I don't  mean to alarm you but in my last DDC a woman was hit by a car and lost her baby. I realize that is very fear monger-y but I honestly couldn't live with myself if I didn't share and something did happen. It does sound very much like RLP... but in a case like this it is very much better to be safe than sorry.   Can I ask WHY you got hit by a car on purpose??? O.o...
I just popped in the last week... like really popped, can't suck it in and button my pants anymore *giggle* I still feel like most of my belly isn't really baby... it's just pushed up flab, lol. Here's one of my 15m and I in our new woven ♥  
New Posts  All Forums: