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Gauze is the first wrap I posted a pic of... it's kind of like a semi sheer fabric with a slight diagonal stretch. it's not heavy or hot like a moby. Some skirts (think long broomstick skirts) are made out of that material.
I'm going to put out here because it feels right, lol... but if anyone wants me to dye their stuff and we have different living arrangements (or I figure out a way I can easily, with minimal mess) in the next couple months. I would be more than willing to dye wraps... I LOVE dyeing stuff!! I'm not sure what I would charge but it would be low cost... as a packet of dye can honestly dye quite a few wraps. :)     Oh and thank you! I was SO proud of that wrap. I also...
There are a few methods for dyeing... This wrap was dyed using a LWI (low water immersion) technique, very little water to dye ratio. There's all sorts of tutes online... I'll try to remember to link a few for you,. :)
I need to sell my moby, lol. I made a cotton gauze wrap... so simple. Go to Joann's buy fabric take it home wash it.. think about dying it for 4 months, finally get around to it, lol, and voila!! Beautiful wrap!    
I had a rough time my first 3 pregnancies... then my 4th for some reason all of the maternity clothes were so small on me. I outgrew everything by around 7 mos in. I was pretty upset, lol. I'm 5'1 and prior to my first daughter I was 83 pounds not pregnant... funny what one pregnancy can do to a body, lol.
Honestly, everybody will have different opinions on their favorites. I love wrapping... it's versatile enough to go from birth to 3, but sometimes a quick carry is easier and for that I love my Babyhawk. .When I'm able, I really like to use my pouch sling. They all have different uses and pros/cons. :) I do not like ring slings or anything wtih buckles.
18 weeks  
LOL! You have just eloquently put into words my most recent struggles... I have found that sometimes making the effort to reach out in a friendly way (i actually got a cell phone so i could text throughout the day with my oldest) has proven most beneficial. And sometimes things that I didn't think would bother him, actually do... Like the fact I didn't tell him I was having another baby right away and he had to figure it out for himself. He was really, really upset by...
I find spreading myself evenly amongst my kids to be the hardest... and balancing individual needs. I think sometimes it's harder to parent the older kids, my teens, than it is to parent the little ones.  
For us, I initiated it. One because my toddler wound up with her first snifflies shortly after birth and two because my flow on one side is always faster and more prevalent on one side. I did have to take a break from nursing my toddler around the 3m mark because my supply was just out of control, I tend towards massive oversupply. I could feed a small village, lol. I needed some time to get my supply level... I'm not sure if I'll have that problem this time or not. So...
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