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Sally it may take a couple of days to feel relief... I know it can make you feel uncomfortable (odd sensation!!) but I promise it will help. I would keep doing it in conjunction with the abx (if you get them).   Sol Hmm... I don't know. I feel really insecure about all of the reactions. I just don't want to deal with negativity, I'm totally building it up in my head and probably making it worse than it truly is but it's my neuroses, lol. I'm assuming I'm going to...
Have you tried a Neti Pot?
I remember my week changes on Monday but not always what week I am in, lol. I think because I never set a specific due date... lol or one that felt 'good' to me.
I think I'm actually getting into the second tri energy spurt... It never lasts long, lol,   I'm 16 weeks today... I don't always remember how far I am, lol. I'm feeling movement daily but long for the definite bumps and nudges that come in the next few weeks.   I still haven't announced. My son asked me last night via facebook (he's 16) and I ignored the question. Last pregnancy he ratted me out to the family before I was ready so he's not in the know this time....
I drink pop... and have through most of my pregnancies, caffeinated pop. All of my babies have been healthy, large babies... who have in turn grown into healthy children. I'm not sure I embrace the idea that caffeine is overly harmful... perhaps to some, not everybody. You have to do what feels right to you.
With my first I thoguht I was having a girl up to the night before I was induced, I had a boy.   With my second I wanted a girl, lol.... but knew in my heart I was having a boy.   Third I thought might also be a girl... pregnancy was 'different' than the previous 2. boy.   There was a 6 year gap between my 3rd and 4th, about a month before my 4th was conceived I said if we ever have another baby we'll have a girl.   4th was a girl... her pregnancy was...
Wow... it's $50?? Aimee, message me if you are interested in some of the stuff I have come across... though I posted most of it already in this thread. I don't think there's that much more out there, it's not like it's some secret technique either, lol. A good doula will already have this knowledge.
I know my placenta is on the right side... it's been on that side my last two pregnancies as well. :)
We're still nursing as well... and I'm not dry nursing far as I can tell. My supply has tanked some but she's still getting somethign and I still feel the occasional let down. My LO will be 15m tomorrow though and I think that has a lot to do with my supply still being there. My problem is she started really refusing my right side, which is my low producer anyway, and so now my breasts are so lopsided. I think ALL of my supply is in my left breast, my right breast has...
Lactomom, you are lopsided like me as well... I tend to be fuller on the right side, you look like you are fuller on the left. :)    
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