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I've done it... my doctor's perspective on it is, if that blood is so important then baby should get it, no? Also.. you can still donate cord blood if you so choose, you just wait for the cord to stop pulsating first.
I really LOVE my slinglings pouch.. it was my workhorse with my daughter. It got the most use out of them all.
I think there are two... the sac might be measuring smaller BUT it might also be the only angle they are able to get at just yet. I don't have any experience here though, so I could be totally wrong. I hope the doc has called you back and I'm looking forward to hearing your update.
lovin' the bellies i'll be 25 weeks on sunday.
What about Raina (or Rayna)? I'm having a heck of a time coming up with names for this one...
Quote: Originally Posted by MonP'titBoudain The only other thing I could think of is to have your dh sift your belly every day. I find this to be one of the most relaxing and effective tools for moving my posterior babies and helping relax/re-align those stressed and strained ligaments. You might want to have your dh learn the technique anyway so he can do it during labor, if baby hasn't moved yet. I hope that maybe there's some new nugget of...
I'll likely do something small.. like an amber teething necklace or a small gn toy. Nothing elaborate.
The grayslake spray park is free (my unschool group had a day there last summer). I also use Dr. Elvove as our family doc. I think I used to be part of the LCAP group but it was when I had older kids only, no little ones... and it was mostly little ones. Is it still that way? (sorry to butt in with my own question )
My almost 3 year old has never been away from me for longer than an hour and half. My 3 older boys aren't away from me much, either.. though obviously as they have aged (15, 11, and almost 9) they have naturally separated from me. Between 3 and 5 is when all of mine started to become ok with being away from me... I never pushed them before they were ready. There's nothing wrong with you at all.. you are truly following your and your baby's cues.
I've read about that one! It sounds very similar to the 'intelligender' test actually.
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