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Old Turtle
some places you cant get child support if your ex is getting SSDI and not working....it gets them out of paying.
Be prepared to not see those kids for a while after you drop them off on Friday. Just saying, I have read a lot of stories on here...
wow...is this a lawyer you were paying? she needs to get this straightened out NOW.
I would educate yourself on both sides, not just one. Figure out what reasons he would present for it and learn them so you can effectively argue.
I am just offering a different side, please do not take the following the wrong way: It can be more difficult for a father to attach to a child and create that bond, especially if he was not there at birth. He might feel completely disconnected from your daughter. You offered visits (and I might be wrong and skimmed too much--sorry) but they were in your home with you for an hour? It might have been really uncomfortable for him being in your home with you which...
do it
I agree with teaching them to use sunscreen and sending it along. It is also a very passive aggressive message to the other parent though! I am jealous of the judge that listens to this stuff. If only they all did...
I like how you told your DSD that you would talk to her about it and answer questions, that way she does not feel as though she has to hide it. Maybe say it is for bigger kids and your DD is just too little to understand yet (only if it arises again). Don't want to make religion a taboo!
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