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So she covers the wand with a condom, and then coats it with alcohol and inserts it. ok, that is just plain crazy I mean really crazy I would be calling the hospital and bringing a formal complaint in. edited to add, congradulations,
kava kava has been known to calm contx too- maybe some brethine?(perscription)
The meeting was last Tuesday...it went well, we didnt change their policy but I think we planted seeds, there have been pages mailed to me with hand signatures and onling signing since then, I think it is all helpful in some way and I sppreciate your signing, THANKS to all who signed, ~mary
it is about litigation/liability. ACOG is setting us up by creating the guidelines by which a basis for suits is drawn. ...in my opinion...a higher action would be possibly a lawsuit against ACOG for pain &damages for cesareans that were given to mothers because of the guidelines (factoring out medical reasons) ....and yes, they can give a mother brethine to stop her contractions and wait for the OB to arrive and cut her if a mother appears at a hospital pushing...its...
Have you all checked out ICAN? They have an egroup where many moms come specifically for VBAC support and many of those moms are specifically HBAC, http://www.ican-online.org/community/emailsupport.htm ~mary
Bilberry is supposed to be helpful, one of the midwives I work with here swears by it -put a search into google for bilberry and vericose veins during pregnancy, you may find information. ~mary
My daughter was 14 and said she was bi, I thought she was just experimenting(well life is just an experiment...) then at 15 she said she was just gay, girls only, now she is bi again... I think she is definately not sure, she will be 16 in July.
Amanda, Ive always wanted to go to that school, Im down here in S Florida, I just had to tell you -youre going to the school of my dreams ~mary
I think that is appropriate to teach EVERY child problem resolution, because ultimately, given the premise that it is the bully's issue, it could be ANY child that is subjected to being bullied, and because gay bashing is an issue I believe we can address the gay bashers as the problem. I am not saying to exist in denial, and I hear your point, but to live in fear not safe/healthy -especially for a child, damage to self esteem is measureable and far reaching. just my...
I have a younger son who has what some consider a handicap(dont worry, its not for him ) and I have had the conversation with other parents of kids like him, how do we protect him from bullies, people will pick on him...well my answer to them has always been that they may pick on someone a different race or religeon, a short or fat person, somneone who is a slow reader, or someone who makes choices unacceptable to the perpetrators but in reality it is the bully with...
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